Frequently Asked Questions

You can check-in anytime you want and the check-out time is 12:00 p.m.

You can contact the reception desk for extending the check-out time.

Booking can only be made through phone.

The rates are fixed.

You can cancel/change your reservation by contacting the hotel.

There is WIFI service available in the hotel.

Our seasonal rates for the month March, April, May and September, October, November is Rs 2000 for deluxe and RS. 1500 for Normal room. In case you want to arrive off season we charge only Rs. 1500 for deluxe room and Rs. 1000 for normal room.

The rate on the website is for per room.

We have 6 deluxe room (12*14) and 9 normal rooms (11*12) with attached bathroom. Our bedrooms are ultimate in comfort and all the deluxe rooms come with flatscreen TV and a heater. Each of our room is No smoking rooms and consists of two beds, a big bed which is 5ft*6.5 ft and a small bed sized 3ft*6.5ft or 4ft*6.5ft

The payment method is only via cash.

You need to confirm it with the hotel.

Your requests will be forwarded to the reception desk, which will seek to please you, but we cannot guarantee anything.

Our hotel has an in-house coffee bar, restaurant and a dining hall with fireplace with menu featuring multi cuisines. We also have a mini        library with a small yet decent number of books which you can choose from whether to read or to buy. We have a small gift shop from where you  can buy locally crafted souvenir, handmade items also with selection of different design of mufflers, caps, winter wear, earrings and necklace. Also, we have several options for horse riding where you can choose to ride your horse from jeep counter to Muktinath temple gate or a whole one-day village tour around five villages nearby namely Jharkot, Purang, Chongyour, Jhong and Phutak including a free packed lunch.

The price is included of all fees and taxes.

We provide pick-up and drop-off services. We also exclusively provide transportation facilities to several destination nearby.

Please make reservations in advance.

There is free parking for the guests.

We do offer you with a guide if you are five or more in number.

Throughout your stay, visitors can enjoy free breakfasts, an on-site restaurant and a lounge. The restaurant is famous for special Nepali thali set, Indian thali set, continental breakfast and many more.

The hours for room service begin from early morning to late at night whereas room service as dining is only for ill customers.

The hotel is a non-smoking area.

You must notify the reception desk of any special requests and if possible, they will handle them for you.

We do provide accommodation and food for guides and potters in a common room.